Felipe M. Calderon III

Felipe M Calderon III is an international selling visual artist born and raised in South Florida studying contemporary art practices at Florida State University. Felipe began to refine his craft of spray painting to display beautiful, intriguing & décollage styles to express hip-hop culture. The graffiti movement has been the biggest driving force behind his work since he is part of this growing art subculture.  As said by the artist, "The attitude that I have when I create a painting is similar to the one that I have when I am out painting the urban landscape."  His mentality is part ego, part adrenaline, part competitive and always looking forward to the next project. His style can be described as binding painting's traditional techniques with experimental forms of applying paint on a raw surfaces while interweaving arts past with references to street art. 



Super Vastness of the Reactionary Canary - 2015 

Times Served, BA Graduating Show - 2015